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Illustration by Patricia McCann

Illustration by Patricia McCann

Buxton Branch of the American Begonia Society

A horticultural, non-profit society devoted to Begonia plants.  Based in Massachusetts, serving several New England states, the United States (U.S.) and the world. 

American Begonia Society

The American Begonia Society (ABS) is a horticultural society devoted to the promotion, cultivation, and study of begonias (plant family Begoniaceae). ABS maintains 54 branches across the U.S. where members discuss begonia culture, learn about new plants, and stage demonstrations and shows. 

American Dahlia Society

The American Dahlia Society was founded in 1915 and is comprised of over 70 independent local societies in the U.S. and Canada. A non-profit organization, ADS was founded for the purpose of stimulating interest in, disseminating information about, and promoting the culture and development of, the dahlia.